[standards-jig] JEP 30, Disco

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Jun 5 17:22:23 UTC 2002

I am just going through old email, cleaning up my inbox, and read JEP 30 
(Disco). I like it  :-)

But yeah, that open issue of how to browse an entire tree of entities at 
once without having to do multiple iq's is a serious problem. Have there 
been any thoughts on this?

Also, I'm going to write up my old ideas for "Jabber Environments" and 
see how they could fit in with JEP 30. FYI, Jabber Environments were an 
idea of mine to create "bubbles" of functionality within the greater 
Jabber network. individual bubbles would be for simple IM, all-in-one 
communications (my Crown idea), raw data routing (replace HTTP), music 
and movie streaming (far in the future), and others. The bubbles would 
just be definitions of existing functionality within the greater Jabber 
for the purpose of clarity and usability. People would then be able to 
refer to "The Simple IM Jabber Environment" or the "Crown Jabber 
Environment" and users and developers would know what features they 
mean, without having to list off these features in conversations.

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