[standards-jig] Thoughts on JEP-0025

M.Kiesel maqi at exmail.de
Sun Jun 9 09:55:30 UTC 2002

On Sat, 8 Jun 2002, Matthias Wimmer wrote:

>> What if the admin wants to accept any hosts?- I would suggest either to
>> provide no host list (= any destination host permitted) or to provide a
>> list (without attributes, this just requires an additional look-up...?).
> When do you think an admin could want to allow this? It would be
> something like an open SOCKS server.

At least allowing to connect to any Jabber server (to any host, port 5222)
may make sense.

However, overall your proposal looks fine. What to do next?- I'd propose
doing a proof-of-concept implementation and then setting up a standards
track JEP...?


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