[standards-jig] Emoticons & Genicons Finalizing

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Sun Jun 9 12:16:27 UTC 2002

I don't know if it just me or my browser, but both these pages so up as one
long skinny (unreadable) column.

> My Emoticon and Genicon JEP is finishing up, after I finally sat down
> and put more effort into it today.
> I have decided to do both in one JEP since I found I was repeating
> myself *alot* when trying to do two, and they both work off the same
> principles anyway.
> The URL:
> http://www.theoretic.com/index.cgi?Emoticons_And_Genicons/Simple_Plaintext
> Also, if people could look at
> and tell me if they think it should become a standard part of the JEP
> before I send it off.
> Thanks. I hope to have this before the council as soon as StPeter gets
> Then I'll have to start on a File Transfer one  :-)

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