[standards-jig] Thoughts on JEP-0025 / Possible usage of JEP-0020

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Mon Jun 10 18:48:13 UTC 2002

Hi Mike!

Mike Lin schrieb:

>I would like to ask you to see if you can use the JEP-0020 Feature
>Negotiation syntax for the HTTP Polling negotiation handshaking. I am
>very interested to have feedback on how it does or does not meet your
>requirements before voting on JEP-0020 as a Standards Track JEP in the
That's a good point. I havn't thought about the usage of JEP-0020 
because I only thought of JEP-0020 as a protocol to negotiate features 
between clients (or maybe between clients and servers). But it's true, 
it has to be thought about if this protocol can be used at the 
networking/connection layer too.

Some things where there would be (smaller) problems using JEP-0020 for 
the http tunnel:
- To whom do I have to address the <iq/>s? The http polling server has 
no JID.
- When we do the negotiation there is no Jabber connection yet. We would 
have to
  put the requests in a pseudo Jabber connection that is just used for 
feature negotiation.
- More logic at the server side is required, it's not just sending a 
static XML document.
- If the client sends the <iq/> the server will decide witch features 
are used, what we
  discussed until now was that the client decides.
- The server could not choose more then one feature, we would have to 
send a request
  for each type of feature (one of authentication methods, one for 
session tracking methods, ...)
- With JEP-0020 we can't use one polling server to connect to different 
Jabber servers.
  There is now way the server could tell to which hosts he allows to 
connect to.
  There is nothing like a <param/> tag for the <option/> tag.

One general thing to JEP-0020: I'm missing something like a version 
attribute to the options. E.g. for "webdav" that's used as an example it 
would be interesting to know which versions of webdav are 
supported/which one is selected.

Tot kijk

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