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Fabrice DESRE fabrice.desre at francetelecom.com
Fri Mar 1 08:06:01 UTC 2002

Iain Shigeoka wrote:

> I don't want to sound contrary but wouldn't it be easier to just use raw 
> inside of the <query> rather than XMLify the entire query?

  I agree. And it offers the possibility to use the full range of SQL 
expressiveness. Take a look at the XML format for XQuery to have an idea 
of how complex and "humanly" unusable an XML description of such a query 
language could be... (a simpler but equally meaningful example would be 
an XML syntax for XPath)

> If we want to go XML for XMLs sake, we may be better served in using XML
> Query since it is a standard.  Why reinvent the wheel?  It does lack 
> updates
> but we could use the most popular extension of it for updates...

  Because XQuery can only query XML databases, and not 
relationnal/object relationnal ones. It will take long before these 
databases disappear...


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