[standards-jig] OOB questions

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Tue Mar 5 13:37:52 UTC 2002

Please excuse me if I'm off topic, but 
http://mailman.jabber.org/listinfo/ seemed to be pointing me here.

I have a number of OOB needs and I'm curious if they are new ideas, or
if people are already working on them.

1) Voice and Video. Similar to MSM's  "Start a Voice Conversation" menu

2) Group Web browsing. One person leading a group (conference?) on a web
tour where each person's web browser mirrors the leaders.

3) Directory synchronization for a group. A group of people allocate a
directory ("/my jabber/"). That directory is synchronised between the
group. There's clearly some CVS issues here about update clashes. 

Then there's some functions that are probably not OOB, but which I
haven't seen.

1) Shared Roster Groups. Persistent groups that are common across the
members of the group. So if I invite a new member and add them to group
A, the other participants of Group A see the new member in their
visualization of Group A. This becomes somewhat like Groove's Spaces.

2) Store and Forward for gatewayed services. If I send a message to a
user who is on MSM, the Jabber server would store the message and then
forward it to them when they next came online. Probably with a time out.  

You can probably guess, I'm looking at the possibility of replicating
some of Groove's functionality within Jabber.

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