[standards-jig] OOB questions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Mar 6 16:41:05 UTC 2002

On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Julian Bond wrote:

> Please excuse me if I'm off topic, but 
> http://mailman.jabber.org/listinfo/ seemed to be pointing me here.

Hi Julian, this is probably the best place to discuss the topics you're
interested -- less noise here than the JDEV list. But I'll let the list
members flame me if I was out of line changing the list descriptions at
the URL you mention. :)

> 1) Voice and Video. Similar to MSM's  "Start a Voice Conversation" menu
> choice.

Since Jabber is all XML, we wouldn't send such traffic in band (at least
not until some future version that might support binary). People have
certainly talked about this one but I haven't heard anything but "that
would be nice", at least not in the open-source community (there was one
company working on integrating Jabber with an existing proprietary voice
chat application).
> 2) Group Web browsing. One person leading a group (conference?) on a web
> tour where each person's web browser mirrors the leaders.

Someone I know is working on a proof of concept for this on Windows but
it's not nearly ready for release AFAIK.

> 3) Directory synchronization for a group. A group of people allocate a
> directory ("/my jabber/"). That directory is synchronised between the
> group. There's clearly some CVS issues here about update clashes. 

Haven't heard anything along these lines, but if I understand what you're
talking about (I see it as essentially content management) then it sounds
intriguing to me -- I've thought about it a lot, though....

> 1) Shared Roster Groups. Persistent groups that are common across the
> members of the group. So if I invite a new member and add them to group
> A, the other participants of Group A see the new member in their
> visualization of Group A. This becomes somewhat like Groove's Spaces.

We have mod_groups (jabberd internal module) but it was just a proof of
concept and it's highly functional. Plus I don't think it would enable you
to add someone to the group and have that dynamically populate others'
> 2) Store and Forward for gatewayed services. If I send a message to a
> user who is on MSM, the Jabber server would store the message and then
> forward it to them when they next came online. Probably with a time out.  

We have store and forward within Jabber but as you're probably aware, our
gateways are a royal hack and are not very advanced. Two options here:
modify the source-code for the MSN Transport (it's open source) or wait
for true interoperability.

> You can probably guess, I'm looking at the possibility of replicating
> some of Groove's functionality within Jabber.

Good idea.


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