[standards-jig] Administration Namespace/specs

Justin Kirby justink at rochester.rr.com
Thu Mar 7 09:11:40 UTC 2002

The ability to:
- Create permission groups and assign JIDs to them
- Manage what a JID/group can/not do

Basically if the JID can log in, it has global access to everything on
the server (at least without hacking jabberd to death). The ability to
finely tune who can do what would be great.


On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 19:01, Casey Crabb wrote:
> There has been alot of noise in the past about making Jabber more
> administratable. I'm trying to gather a list of tasks an administrator
> of a jabber server would be likely to want to do. This is the list
> that I have come up with, I imagine more things will be added and some
> removed.
> ---
> * add users
> * delete users
> * reset users password
> * how many users connected
> * bandwidth average over a minutes time
> * account disable
> * reset server
> * send a message to all users of server, such that they will receive the
>    message precisely once  (as opposed to only online users or a MOTD)
> * alter the karma settings
> * bring down/up transports
> * change user vcard
> * view users.xml file, allow for manipulation
> * view jabber.xml file, allow for manipulation
> ---
> I realize this list is very instant-messaging and
> opensource-jabberd-centric.
> I would like to take this list and create a namespace for
> administration. This way a jabber administrator could adminstrate
> a server through a jabber client. It would also allow for the creation
> of a SNMP-Transport which would map from SNMP to this administration
> namespace.
> I'm posting this first to standards-jig. Once I incorporate feedback
> from sj I'll post again to jadmin to get further feedback.
> Thoughts?
> --
> Casey
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