[standards-jig] Essence of Jabber

Fabrice DESRE fabrice.desre at francetelecom.com
Fri Mar 8 08:54:22 UTC 2002

Julian Missig wrote:

> Yeah, I understand. I just assumed "don't break on unknown extensions -
> just ignore" was supposed to be more of a parser-level rather than
> application level, but yes, it should be application level too. 

  Sorry to insist Julian, but this can't be at parser level. It has to 
be specified at application level ONLY - unless if you're using a custom 
parser of course (but who will ?).

 > I was
> just emphasizing that we want to be sure we mention that the parser
> should be XML compliant (I know some clients had non-validating
> "parsers" which crashed on unknown elements...)

IMHO, these are to distincts issues :
1) application behaviour : as you explained it, any jabber application 
should ignore unknow elements and recover gracefully.
2) XML compliance : sadly i'm sure that almost no jabber software is 
really XML compliant - namespaces are not handled properly in the 
servers (both open source and commercial), and this misbehaviour has led 
the client developpers to be somewhat liberal with namespaces.
All this came from what I would reckon as a design fault : imposing a 
default namespace definition in the stream element, and even the prefix 
of the stream element !

I hope that this will be fixed in jabberNG.


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