[standards-jig] Use of <x>, or jabber:x:* namespaces

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Wed Mar 13 16:34:54 UTC 2002


Just a quick one, brought about by conversations I've had about the 
previous x:event related post... It's worth pointing out that 
in general, the <x> extension can be applied to any of the three 
(of four) main service packet types (message, iq, and presence)
although _in practice_, and/or determined at a namespace level in
the usage rules and guidelines, this won't always be the case. For
example, the jabber:x:event should only be applied to messages 
(not IQs or presence packets).

An example of where I see this being used is in the store'n'forward
of IQ packets (not implemented anywhere in standard jabberd, but
certainly in my test installations here :) where I stamp stored
IQs with a jabber:x:delay extension.

Just thought it was worth saying that :-)


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