[standards-jig] calendaring?

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Mar 13 22:17:44 UTC 2002

Julian Missig wrote:

>That's where feature negotiation comes in. I'll write up some of my
>ideas in more detail, but basically, even with simple browsing we could
>have the server be properly routing this stuff... the server browses to
>the clients as they connect, and if a message with an extension is sent
>to the JID with no resource, the server will look at all the resources
>for one which reports supporting that namespace.
I think one of the core issues is also that there are only three things 
you can connect to a jabber system as:
1) an IM client
2) a trusted server component
3) a remote system representing either a set of clients or a component

There is thus great difficulty in building a calendaring client on top 
of jabber, because it has to be an IM client as well (or, connect as a 
trusted server component and have complete access to the entire system, 
or also write a completely new c2s which is a calendaring app to server 
component as well as a new csm which is a calendaring session manager)

-David Waite

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