[standards-jig] calendaring?

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Wed Mar 13 23:54:58 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-03-13 at 18:40, Dave wrote:
> Reply inline:
> Julian Missig wrote: > > The current routing method. I was just proposing
> using browse for very > basic routing. If resource x is the only resource
> which support > jabber:iq:negiotiate:video, then it shouldn't be sent
> to resource y.  ...but the current routing method is rather severely
> limited in its ability to accomodate multiple simultaneous resources :-(
> > > Also, in your previous message what you you mean by "Furthermore, >
> "enhancing" the browse method to support clients would probably create
> a > large argument later"? My proposal would require no changes to the
> > browse protocol, it's just an augmentation of the current routing >
> method.  I said "enhancing" because I knew that saying enhancing (with
> no quotes) would trigger an argument.  The end result is that you're
> expanding the browsing protocol to include servers browsing clients,
> and making routing decisions based on the results.  Let's not bicker
> about wording ;-)

Howso? There's nothing preventing a server or server component from
browsing a client right now. The browse JEP makes no restrictions
against it.

> > > For reference, the current routing method is: > 1) Specified resource
> > 2) priority > 3) most recently logged in ...and none of those are
> terribly useful if I want to have all videoconferencing events sent to
> a particular resource, without having to tell all my friends to use that
> resource explicitely :-(

Right, which is why I want to expand that... see the properly-named
thread "Server-side packet routing" ;)

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