[standards-jig] Server-side packet routing

Dave dave at dave.tj
Thu Mar 14 05:36:52 UTC 2002

In that case, I can't wait for JabberNG :-)

Dave Cohen <dave at dave.tj>

Iain Shigeoka wrote:
> On 3/13/02 3:30 PM, "Julian Missig" <julian at jabber.org> wrote:
> > Dave Smith noted to me that dave at dave.tj expressed the opinion that
> > clients should be able to control "all the routing decisions" -- I do
> > /not/ agree with this. The entire point of the server is to do routing.
> > Clients should be able to provide information about themselves so the
> > server can be more intelligent about routing, but allowing clients to
> > control routing gets messy.
> I think it is only messy with our current messaging model (point to point,
> store and forward).  If we are willing to change that, then there are very
> elegant ways to allow clients to completely control routing.
> Imagine for example, a pure pub-sub model.  People sending messages to you,
> publish Jabber packets to a server packet channel only you have read access
> to.  Incoming packets are sorted into subchannels by the server by type
> (packet element name and namespace for example) or other criteria (packet
> size, sender, etc).  Your clients can subscribe to the main channel (receive
> everything) or subchannels depending on what you're interested in.
> Subscriptions can be transient (as long as you're logged in), or persistent
> (store and forward packets while you're offline).  Multiple clients can
> subscribe to the same queue allowing you to receive duplicate copies of
> packets.
> For example, you may want to receive <message> packets on your pager only
> when its "activated" with no store and forward (transient sub to <message>
> subchannel) AND receive all packets to your desktop client (persistent sub
> to main channel).
> The server only knows its channels, and manages publishers and subscribers.
> We were starting discussions of such a system on JAM or RPC jabber lists but
> things sort of died out when we decide this was something to be considered
> for jabber: next generation.
> -iain
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