[standards-jig] I18N (Internationalization)

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Fri Mar 15 10:38:00 UTC 2002

At 12:32 Uhr +0530 15.03.2002, Ashvil wrote:
>The JEP looks good and simple.
>I assume that to support sending Chinese Messages, I would have to convert
>the Chinese characters in UTF-8 and send it in the body tag/element. right ?

Since every Jabber message always is encoded in UTF-8, yes. Just like 
you have to convert anything else to UTF-8 (in fact, I have 
succesfully sent&received chinses text with my client; got the 
chinese via copy and paste from an email the tester sent me))

>One dumb question, Is there a reason that the Jabber server does not support
>UTF-16 ?

I'll leave that to some server expert.

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