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Lars.Nilsson4 at sas.no Lars.Nilsson4 at sas.no
Tue Mar 19 08:05:03 UTC 2002

+1 to DJ Adams.

Especially considering the fact that Jabber can be used to much more than
user-to-user I.e. what about DJ's coffee machine. And what if we want to use
Jabber as middleware (JAM).


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On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 11:02:25AM -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I'm sitting here in the IETF meeting, specifically the first SIP session,
> and I notice that the SIP folks have a term for what in the Jabber world
> we have been calling events: "user activity information". Personally I'd
> prefer something like (jabber:x:useractivity or just jabber:x:activity)
> rather than using the term "event" since that seems to have broader
> applicability (e.g., in pub/usb systems).
> Just a thought.

It's a fair point. Although I'd like to offer a parry (as much for 
devil's advocate's sake as anything else):

I wouldn't class all the events covered by the current jabber:x:event
namespace as "user activity information". For example, the 'event' of a
message being stored offline has nothing to do with user activity. So
this discounts (in my mind) the use of "useractivity" in the namespace
name. Which brings us to the alternative of "activity". This is just as
wishy-washy and vague as "event" so there's no real gain in going for 

Finally I'd take (very slight) issue, semantically and philosophically,
with associating "event" with a pubsub mechanism. Sure, "events" happen
in pubsub (a publisher publishes information - an 'event'), but that's
more an inherent part of pubsub's nature, rather than a significant


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