[standards-jig] SSL/TLS and feature negotiation

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Mar 20 03:42:52 UTC 2002

> So far this has been the practice, using 5223 for SSL c2s, and (when
> implemented) 5270 for SSL s2s.  Given the current implementations and
> general usage, it's probably quite a bit easier for a client to implement
> SSL support on an alternate port (those that have done this already could
> probably speak to this better).

Cool, I'll implement it this way for now then.

> > The other option, and IMO the better one, is to let the client begin a
> > SSL session over the normal client port. This is the way that the
> > STARTTLS mechanism works for things like secure SMTP.
> Although I agree that this is probably the better way (this is the
> direction I've used with xatp), I'm not sure how feasable it is ontop of
> the current xml stream transport.  For instance, the given example just
> "hangs" on 1.4.2, and I'd imagine support would be difficult to code for
> certian jabber client implementations.  It brings up many issues I've had
> w/ xml streams in general, namespacing, framing, etc, which are my
> motivations for working on xatp :)

I've just read (as opposed to skimmed, which is what I did last time)
the xatp spec, and it seems pretty damn good, and exactly what is
needed. Once I familiarise myself with it a bit, I'm going to try and
find time to write some code that implements, and see if I can get some
Jabber stuff going. That could be fun :)

> Personally, I'm more for focusing on defining Jabber as a set of
> application namespaces for routing, pub/sub, messaging, and presence,
> leaving the transport work to a set of bindings similiar to soap.



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