[standards-jig] Pub/Sub for JNG?

Dave Smith dizzyd at jabber.org
Wed May 1 03:38:17 UTC 2002

On 4/30/02 9:08 PM, "Dave" <dave at dave.tj> wrote:

> How about allowing multiple "connection types?"  One type can be standard;
> another can be SSL; yet another can be gzipped.  In the last "connection
> type," every message would be piped through a gzip-compatible deflation
> before being pumped out to the network.  The gzip format (like all
> LZW algorithms) can tell where the end of the file is supposed to be,
> so there's no need to send meta information to alert the receiver to
> the point where one message ends and the next begins.  I suspect this
> "connection type" would be most useful for s2s connections between
> servers exchanging reasonably heavy traffic.

Connection types aren't that bad, but show me some stats that gzipping will
actually do anything to improve "speed" or "efficiency". Empirical data is
of essence.

> Another interesting "connection type" is aimed squarely at the average
 ..blah..blah..blah.. (see "Greg the Bunny")
> and you'll see a dramatic improvement in your IM response time.

*Dizzy hands Dave a nice asbestos suit*

Are you under the impression that TCP packets actually move slower across
ethernet than UDP packets? Are they heavier, or harder to route, or
something? I bet that the little guys in the network don't like having to
carry  those heavy TCP packets all over the place.

You know, to be truthful, UDP is quite a bit faster. In fact, it can achieve
zero-time delivery -- more often than not it opts not to deliver packets. I
know it's crazy, but we're really not all that interested in such a fast
transport layer. We like the slow, but reliable pace of TCP -- kinda like a

Jabber absolutely needs TCP -- even for so-called "lightweight" IM.  If you
would look at all the heartache that the IETF IMWG has been through, one of
their fundamental discoveries is that congestion control (something TCP
provides happily) is absolutely necessary for any sort of scalable IM

Other than that, I think you're completely missing the point of Jabber.

It's not just about IM. We don't want to sink significant amounts of effort
into optimizing for IM traffic.

Morale of the story: UDP == blah, blah, blah.


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