[standards-jig] new email list for end users

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed May 1 22:48:29 UTC 2002

Yes, that makes sense. This should be announced to Jdev list a few 
times, to get people aware of it.

Dave wrote:
> It may be wise for client devs to sign up there, as well :-)
>  - Dave
> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>FYI, we have created a new email discussion list especially for end users
>>of Jabber clients. If you are a Jabber server admin or have occasion to
>>talk with new users, you might want to point them to this list. People can
>>sign up by visiting the following URL:
>>Peter Saint-Andre
>>email+jabber: stpeter at jabber.org
>>weblog: http://www.saint-andre.com/blog/
>>Standards-JIG mailing list
>>Standards-JIG at jabber.org
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