[standards-jig] Pub/Sub for JNG?

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu May 2 02:12:59 UTC 2002


Is Mike Lin's post on gzipping Jabber. He put together code tests and
everything... and his conclusion was that once you put together all the
pieces needed to make gzip into something decent for Jabber, you're very
close to SSL (so why not just use SSL?). See other messages in the
thread for further information.


On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 18:23, Dave wrote:
> Dial-up users also like to download data, you know. . .
>  - Dave ... who likes to let people optimize at their own bottlenecks :-)
> Craig wrote:
> > 
> > <gzip-over-udp-madness snipped>
> > 
> > I know this is obvious, but I just _have_ to chime in with it.  I've 
> > done a fair amount of load testing of JCS in a lot of different 
> > configurations.  Load tests are typically done on a 100Mbit network 
> > (shared, not segmented) -- probably less than you'd have on the 
> > backplane of a serious install.  Running at seriously high throughput, 
> > it turns out that processor -- not network is the bottleneck for a mix 
> > of JUD/TC/IM traffic.  Couple this with the exceptional job that modern 
> > network hardware does at text compression and I'm left wondering what 
> > the advantages in udp-as-tcp-with-gzip are here?  Are folks running 
> > servers with thousands of users at home on the other side of a dialup? 
> >  Are end users having a problem with the couple hundred bytes going 
> > through every so often?  Are people really having problems with the 
> > bandwidth?  Am I just not getting it?
> > 
> > --Craig, who likes to optimize at known bottlenecks.

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