[standards-jig] JIDs (JEP-0029)

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu May 2 04:07:33 UTC 2002

Craig saith:

> The "JEP Editor" ;-) can save the trouble.  I've added it to the section 
> on domain identifiers.  

Why, thanks. The JEP Editor is thinking of instituting the IETF-ish
tradition of the Working Group Last Call in the standards-jig, so after
the JEP Editor fetches the latest version of JEP-0029 from CVS, he may
call for final comments and send it to the Council.

> Tonight's quote:
> "I suggest to young professors that their first work should be written 
> in a jargon only to be understood by the erudite few.  With that behind 
> them, they can ever after say what they have to say in a language 
> 'understanded of the people'.  --Russell

Hmm, that sounds like the Ur-text for another of my favorites:

"Before you become a professor, you have to write a book which is boring
enough so that even you cannot bear to read it over. Once you have done
this, you are free to write as you please, but can't." --Mark Helprin

Let that be a caution to JEP authors. :)


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