[standards-jig] A late security comment on JEP-0020 (and randomcomments about #31)

Paul Lloyd paul_lloyd at hp.com
Thu May 16 14:59:17 UTC 2002


David Waite wrote:

> random question about JEP-0031 - why does all data need to be processed
> in network-byte-order UTF-16; Jabber requires only UTF-8 support to
> connect, so that means all clients will require some mechanism for
> handling both character encodings (and conversion between). UTF-8 also
> has the benefit of not having system byte endianness as an issue. Also,
> does the data need to be normalized for these algorithms to work? (I
> assume it does for any sort of signing to function correctly, but I'm
> still only a third of the way through your JEP)

You're right:

1) All that's needed is a canonicalization.

2) UTF-8 has advantages over UTF-16 for our purposes.

An easy change to make now ;-)


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