[standards-jig] on jabber database access...

Justin Kirby justin at openaether.org
Fri Nov 1 07:26:11 UTC 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 18:02, Iain Shigeoka wrote:

> Seriously, calendaring sounds like a good one. I think calendaring is ideal
> low hanging fruit that will have tangible, significant benefits for Jabber.
> After that, whiteboarding or data-access sound like pretty good ones too.
> What ever happened to the database access over Jabber JEP?
> -iain

Database access over jabber is alive and well as an implementation[1],
however as a JEP[2], it is in stasis. I do not have stpeter's energy or
drive to 'coordinate the community's collective wisdom '. Also, I think
its too far removed from IM/Chat to generate enough interest for active

As you stated earlier, when the jep was first published, there are
limitations (and frustrations) to rehashing sql into xml. I am satisfied
with the schema request/report and the result returns. However, the
constraints are definitely hideous and need a more xml-ized approach.

I looked into XQuery and XPath, but could find no satisfactory way to
use them. (I have to wonder how much LSD the XQuery committee was on
when they wrote the spec)

So in short, the JEP works but there are sections which need some work
to really be viable as an active JEP.

1. http://www.openaether.org/projects/oajabdb.html
2. http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0043.html


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