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Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri Nov 1 13:12:45 UTC 2002

Hi, these are my observations about the JEP

> 3.2 Web Side

Why restrict it to just PNG images?, some users will not be able to view it,
not everybody will be running the latest web browsers, most might but not

> 3.3 Server Side
> As part of a Jabber server install, the WebPresence agent should be
installed and configured. The webserver component of the agent
> listens on port 80 of the server machine. Each time the cgi script is
called, the script checks to see if the specified user has subscribed
> to the WebPresence agent, and returns the appropriate response.

The presence component doesnt have to serve the web requests itself and IMO
it shouldnt, all the jabber webpresence component should do is process
interaction with the jabber system and save the presences into a database,
which can then be read by a PHP, Perl, or whatever script people want to
use, this allows much more personalisation for the provider, and will reuse
existing technology properly, why do we have to write a webserver into the
component, whats the point when we already have apache.

> 6.5 Server Load
> Although no where near as much as a regular webserver, an additional load
(bandwidth, CPU, TCP connections) will be placed on
> the Jabber server, as it has to supply images and text output for websites
as they are loaded.

It doesnt have to run on the jabber server itself so this will most likely
not really be a problem, and in practice I expect people would add it to
their existing web server anyway, not their jabber server.

> 6.6 Server Dependency
> In cases where Jabber server admins are unwilling or unable to run a
WebPresence agent, it means that there is no way that the users
> can make presence information available on the web. It also means that
webpages that are written with the assumption that all servers
> provide a WebPresence agent will display missing file icons in place of
the Jabber status icons.

This doesnt make sense to me, since using the presence subscription model to
indicate you wish to subscribe to the presence indicator means you can
subscribe to an indicator on a completely different server, so infact there
is no requirement to run a presence indicator service yourself, you could
even refer to someone elses in your agents list (after getting permission
from the provider of course :) ).


P.S. I already have a component that performs this functionality in a
similar way which displays my basic presence on my website.
Although it is not available at the moment pending an Apache and PHP upgrade
of my server tonight.

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> I have put up a draft JEP for WebPresence on Yabber.org.
> http://www.yabber.org/jep/webpresence/webpresence.xml
> The aim is to define a standard way for Jabber status information to be
> represented on web pages etc.
> I am not much of a webmaster or CGI guru myself so I am looking for some
> peer-review of this document.  If anyone wants to offer to rewrite it or
> offer an alternative proposal please speak up.  I would also be interested
> in anyone who was willing to write a reference implementation (it
> be that hard).  I think there is a large demand for this to be
> so I would like to get it formalized as soon as we can.
> Michael.
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