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Ragavan S jabber_dev at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 1 18:52:30 UTC 2002

+1 on calendaring.

btw, great work on the MUC JEP :)

>OK, I'm taking a poll. Following on my success in pulling all the
>collective wisdom of the Jabber community together into the MUC JEP, I'm
>looking for new challenges. :) What JEP should I work on next? For now I
>think I'll leave pub-sub in the capable hands of DJ and pgmillard, and
>file transfer is spoken for as well. While I'd really like to see a good
>whiteboarding JEP, I'm thinking that calendaring might be a higher
>priority. Plus it might provide some good interaction with the Chandler
>project. I know that folks like jer and Jim Ray have put some thought into
>calendaring over Jabber, but once again we need someone to channel all
>those thoughts into a workable spec. Since I seem to have been able to do
>that with MUC, I'm thinking I could do it with calendaring or something
>like that, too.
>Onward and upward!
>Peter Saint-Andre
>Jabber Software Foundation
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