[standards-jig] WebPresence

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Fri Nov 1 22:58:49 UTC 2002

Peter Saint-Andre:
> I'm still not convinced that we need a JEP for this. It feels more like an
> implementation issue to me.

I would like to strongly disagree.  (And to be honest, constantly pushing
back on this is starting to miff me slightly)

I know the stated purpose of JEP's is to document changes to the Jabber
protocol, but the fact that you have accepted a whole raft of JEP's that
don't even touch the protocol seems to indicate that this is not a firm
rule.  (JEP-0001 for a start, others like JEP-0038 Jabber Icons - also your
own JEP-0032 URI's has no protocol changes)

Also, to at least keep up the appearance of being fairly neutral, I believe
you should accept any submitted JEP provided it is correctly formatted and
meets the specifications listed in JEP-0001.  You are welcome of course to
vote against it when the time comes if you think it is irrelevant for some

The main issue is that I believe this needs to be documented *somewhere*,
and the only way that I know of to do this in a formal manner is via the JEP
process.  One of the main purposes JEP's server IMO is to offer a focal
point around which discussion can be based.  Currently we have a pile of
different implementations that provide the same (or similar) functionality,
and no one knows about them and people can't access them in a consistent
manner etc.  None of them AFAIK are being used by anyone other than the
person(s) who implemented them.  In the meantime similar features have been
implemented and are being used by hundreds and thousands of people
world-wide on proprietary systems such as ICQ and MSN.

Ask yourself this - if you ran Slashdot, and wanted to implement Jabber
presence indicators beside users comments, where would you start looking?


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