[standards-jig] x:data suggestion

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Sun Nov 3 16:33:28 UTC 2002

x:data is not a GUI definition.  It is purely about data representation. 
 To do what you want to do you could just send mulitple forms, or use 
another namespace to represent the different tabs.

In fact to shed light on why this will not go into x:data, and why 
x:data is basically closed for changes, you could look at the recent 
Council discussions.

Basically, x:data is only about representing data.  If you want a more 
generic form layout, then XForms is what you want.  temas and I are 
going to start working on an XForms JEP soon to show how it can be used 
easily with Jabber.

Alexey Shchepin wrote:

>x:data form can be not small, and displaying it as list of fields can take many
>screen space (e.g. MUC configuration form not fitted in my screen).  But this
>form can be splited in some groups of fields, that can be displayed e.g. in
>different tabs.  So maybe add something like <field type='tab' label='Another
>tab'/> in beginning of another group of configuration fields?
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