[standards-jig] WebPresence

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Mon Nov 4 07:42:32 UTC 2002

Re: http://www.yabber.org/jep/webpresence/webpresence.xml

> > Peter Saint-Andre:
> >> I'm still not convinced that we need a JEP for this. It feels more like
> >> implementation issue to me.
> My first impression (from quick skimming of the recent list posts) makes
> inclined to agree with Peter on this. However...

I'm still surprised no one seems to want a JEP for this.  This isn't about a
implementation, but about defining a *standard* way for websites to
interface with Jabber.  This is a standards issue.  And this is a big thing.
The more Jabber is seen on the web, the more exposure it will get to
prospective users.

I know it doesn't change the Jabber protocol in anyway, but that is a *good*
thing IMO.  And as I have pointed out, there are many JEPs that already
break this rule.

If this isn't appropriate as a JEP can someone please explain why, and what
the alternatives are.  The main reason I wrote it up as a JEP in the first
place, was because Jer suggested back in July that we create one and update
it as things evolve:



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