[standards-jig] JEP 0038 ((Emot)Icon Styles) Updated

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Nov 6 21:37:00 UTC 2002

I think you are right that the order in the icondef.xml file may not end 
up being the same order that is parsed by the client, but the point is 
that at that point, when all else fails, the client just picks the first 
one it comes across, no matter if it was the first in the icondef.xml 
file or not. Hope that makes sense.

Michael Brown wrote:
> Sorry - I completely missed that part of the JEP!
> Hmm...does "...select the one that comes first in the <icon/> element." work
> for XML?  I didn't know that the order was guaranteed in XML.  (You could be
> right - I'm no XML expert)
 > Adam Theo wrote:
>>Hi there! Take a look in section 5.2 of the new JEP. That explains how
>>to determine the default text string. And with the description, perhaps
>>I'll include something like that, along with categories, for the true
>>final revision.

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