[standards-jig] NEW JEP: Private XML Storage

Iain Shigeoka iain.shigeoka at messaginglogic.com
Tue Nov 12 04:22:26 UTC 2002

On 11/10/02 16:28, "Robert Norris" <rob at cataclysm.cx> wrote:

>> Unless I'm mistaken, there _was_ a rationale to that decision. If you
>> don't restrict what namespaces can be stored via iq:private, end users
>> could overwrite stuff like their roster with pure goobdley-gook (since
>> iq:private packets are directly unwrapped and sent off as typically XDB
>> calls).
> Makes sense. However, that is specific to the original implementation -
> jabberd2 will store private data seperately, so there is no need for
> this restriction.

Rob, I agree, this should not be a restriction of the protocol (whether or
not it is a restriction of a particular implementation).


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