[standards-jig] JEP-0016 (Server-Based Privacy Rules)

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Thu Nov 14 22:52:47 UTC 2002

> Or can I add/change several lists in one query?  Current jabberd2 say that this
> not acceptable, but I see in JEP-0016 this:
>         ...Each <query/> element would have one or more <list> elements which
>         would contain the information for an entire zebra list. The <query/>
>         element also contains an <active> element which contains the name of
>         the currently active zebra list...

JEP-0016 has a few problems. I've had some discussions with pgmillard,
and we've summarised the required changes as follows:

1. The client can set a default list in addition to the active list. The
   active list is bound to the session, but the default list is bound to
   the user. If the user has a session, then that sessions active list
   is used. If the session doesn't have an active list, or there are no
   sessions for the user, then the default list is used. If none of
   these, then allow everything.

2. The list is processed when a packet arrives, _before_ any other
   processing is done on the packet (eg offline, s10n, presence, etc).

3. In an IQ set, the client can only update lists, or set active/default
   lists - it can't do both at once. If it tries to, the server should
   return a 406.

4. For the future, we may want to look at seperating presence blocking
   from subscription (presence types "subscribe", "unsubscribe",
   "subscribed", "unsubscribed") blocking.

jabberd2 implements these changes. What this basically means for client

 - you can now set a "default" list, by including <default name='foo'/>
   in your iq set (just like the active list). This list will take
   effect if there are no sessions online, or the current session has
   not set an active list.

 - in an iq set, you can either modify lists, or set the active and
   default lists - not both.

pgm, I understand that you're busy atm. Let me know if you'd like me to
document and submit an update to the JEP.


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