[standards-jig] Asking the server for my IP address

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Thu Nov 21 23:01:46 UTC 2002

>   It would require a rewrite of the jabberd core in order to export the IP
>   address information to an external component. This is why I suggested

Exactly. And in something like jabberd2, where the c2s and SM are very
clearly seperated, this would blur the lines between them.

One could even make the argument that this is a stream extension instead
of an application function - it would be much easier (for the server)
to implement something like this, since it could be handled entirely by
the stream layer:

C: <stream:stream xmlns='jabber:client' xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' to='jabber.org' version='1.0'>

S: <stream:stream xmlns='jabber:client' xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' from='jabber.org' id='12345678' version='1.0'>
       <ip xmlns='http://www.jabber.org/stream/ip'/>

C: <ip xmlns='http://www.jabber.org/stream/ip'/>

S: <ip xmlns='http://www.jabber.org/stream/ip'>
     <local port='5222'></local>
     <remote port='32476'></remote>

(This uses some of the new stream stuff that is being discussed in the
XMPP WG - don't take it as gospel, its just an example).

This would be dead simple to implement in jabberd2 - far easier than
trying to export the remote IP address to the session manager.


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