[standards-jig] Asking the server for my IP address

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Nov 28 03:35:04 UTC 2002

> BTW 1: SOCKS is really easy to implement ...
> BTW 2: With your approach you just change the step where the user has 
> to
>        configure the IP to a step where the user has to configure the
>        external and internal port number, that doesn't make the setup 
> more
>        comfortable. With SOCKS the proxy tells the client all it has 
> to know.
>        No user interaction required.

The problem with socks is that there are virtually no good free server 
implementations of socks for windows (that i can find anyway, if anyone 
knows different please tell me, google does seem to know of any) the 
only place I can seem to find it is built into expensive 
all-encompasing proxy/nat gateway software, and if you already have an 
expensive piece of nat/firewall software that doesnt do socks it is 
very unlikely people are going to change it just so people can do 
jabber transfers, having the "option" to query for the external ip is 
very useful for anything you want to do p2p where you have setup port 
forwards (a perfectly respectable and normal thing to do), and as 
someone has already mentioned ICQ, AIM, and now MSN (in the new 
protocol update) allow the querying of your external ip as part of the 
protocol. Also for protocols that are heavily p2p such as game 
protocols querying for the external ip is often a standard feature too.


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