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David Sutton jabber at dsutton.legend.uk.com
Tue Sep 10 13:37:20 UTC 2002

Hi there,

  May I suggest you look at the work started on WCS (Web Client
  Services), something Jer started a while back. I use it for presence
  indication on my web site, and could also use it for messages between
  web site and jabber client. Jer has mentioned revisiting it for 1.5,
  learning from lessons learned, but even the implementation now works
  well for me. Take a look in the old-projects cvs directory on
  jabberstudio.org, in particular wcs and http (the http service module
  is a dependancy for wcs, it provides basic http handling)



On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 01:07:41PM +0100, Julian Bond wrote:
> Two things I've suggested before but I need again.
> 1) Some simple way of showing presence information on a website. This 
> would typically be a small two-state icon that reflects your current 
> presence. It would be coded in html something like
> <img src="http://myjabberserver/presence/myjid/small.gif">
> I guess this would either need to be added into the status.webhop.net 
> presence code or some standard extension to jabberd. I've suggested this 
> to the status.webhop.net but I didn't manage to convince him to do it.
> 2) A standard way to code a URL link in a web page, that means "start a 
> chat session with this jid". Perhaps <a 
> href="im://jabber/startchat/myjid"></a> This would of course require 
> some help from the browser.
> Right now I need a baby gif of about 15*15 to represent a Jabber JID I'm 
> sure there's a little light bulb somewhere but I haven't been able to 
> find one. Can anyone point me at one?
> To see examples of something similar to this, take a look at 
> http://www.ecademy.com I've implemented this for all the other IM 
> systems (although they don't all show live presence) but I'm stuck on 
> Jabber.
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