[standards-jig] NEW JEP: Multi-User Chat

Sami Haahtinen ressu at ressukka.net
Thu Sep 12 08:51:02 UTC 2002

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 12:50:44AM -0500, Jonathan Pobst wrote:
> I realize its a very rough draft, but it doesn't really touch on kick or
> ban.  That is, a mechanism is needed to have the service send you an admin
> form containing the options like kick and ban.  How is the best way to go
> about this?  Sending an iq:get to the service?  Or maybe a message to
> room at service/admin?   Once that is in place, I think that covers every admin
> situation.

i think using a separate JID (like room at gc/admin) to do the
administrative tasks. this way the administration protocol could be
defined outside of the groupchat protocol itself. this way we would
allow people to create conference servers without the ability kick and
ban which would still follow the spec.

the conference server could exploit the presence sent to the admin and
it could attach a <x/> message to the presence noting that the user can
infact control this resource. 


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