[standards-jig] NEW JEP: Multi-User Chat

David Sutton jabber at dsutton.legend.uk.com
Sat Sep 14 17:24:39 UTC 2002

My thoughts on the matter:

  Whatever the outcome of this, its going to have a major impact on the
  work that i'm doing, namely the irc-transport. This is why I have
  always had a large interest in the whole area of

  We have a system, groupchat, which does what it is designed to do -
  handle basic communications between groups of people. There is some
  functionality missing which is greatly needed, which is basic channel
  and user management. The proposed changes in jep-0045 help cover
  these, and make groupchat more powerful. 
  (I'm reserved on making x:data a requirement for any administration, as not
  all clients will be implementing this immediately, and wonder if an
  additional interface, say a chatbot plugin, could be used for non-x:data 
  clients .. but thats another issue)

  However, there is also people starting to want more powerful features,
  making conferencing more irc-like, or wanting to use new technologies
  such as pubsub and such. I wouldn't want to see groupchat made into an
  multi-purpose protocol as then we lose one of the advantages of gc -
  its simple to implement.

  JCF was an attempt to bring more powerful features and control to
  conferencing. I've read over every draft so far and liked the
  direction that it was going in. Its because of JCF that Theo and I
  started thinking about next-generation group communication, and
  started initial design work on Conflux (see theoretic.com - on hold
  awaiting pubsub clarification) I personally feel its nice keeping
  messages and control as seperate entities.

  My summary is this, that we need to patch the inherent holes in
  groupchat now, without breaking existing compatibility, so we have
  something stable and reliable to use. Once we have this stable
  platform, then next-generation protocols can be worked on and properly
  designed, instead of rushing something through now that people might
  regret down the road. Groupchat needed standardising and documenting,
  which is another benefit of JEP-0045.

  (Another side thought, for people who want more irc-style conferencing
  .. its in my road plan for tightly integrating irc to jabber, with
  irc-t, irc-hub (component acting as an IRC node), irc-gw (allowing irc
  clients to connect), and then irc conferencing. A next-gen conferencing
  protocol would help with the latter part, allowing easier abstraction
  of information such as user levels and such from jabber messages ..
  again, another point of interest)



David Sutton
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