[standards-jig] JEP-0045 Suggestions

Lars Kaufmann kaufmann at bluehands.de
Mon Sep 16 12:59:40 UTC 2002

PC> So, how does the client know that the component can provide the
PC> protocol?  Well, the current version of the JEP does not specify how
PC> room subject is sent to the client. I would suggest that the room 
PC> subject packet be formalized to allow client developers to know how
PC> handle the subject. In addition, this packet could be used to return
PC> version of multi-user chat component to the user.

You shouldn't reuse the room subject packet to signal the protocol
version to the client piggyback. We should think about a clear
versioning as Peter pointed out earlier.

PC> Lastly, I would like to see attributes added to the <presence/>
PC> for the participants in the room. These attributes should indicate
PC> whether the participant is a "moderator" or "admin" or "channel
PC> operator" for the room. With this information, the client developers
PC> could have an indicator that shows which participants in the room
PC> capable of administering the room.

This is a very nice idea. But don't forget that a user might have
multiple roles at the same time for a specific room. A single role
attribute isn't enough. Maybe we should use a <x> element as Alexey


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