[standards-jig] JEP-0045 Suggestions

Klaus H. Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Mon Sep 16 17:16:54 UTC 2002

No, banning from a channel is not enough.

In our application users can walk many rooms on the same chatserver in a
short time. They do not enter the room id by hand. They just click and
switch the room if they are banned in one. Rooms are dynamically created. So
it must be possible to ban for a (large) set of rooms or even a server.

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> Hi all,
> > If somebody wants to make trouble it's not very efficient just to ban
> > him/her by nick in this single room. You maybe have to ban the jid on
> > the entire conference server. You might say the conference component
> > knows the mapping between nick and jid and that is enough. To support
> > reasonable administration features you have to work with jids at the
> > client side user interface. But Richard is right. To preserve the
> > privacy we must not reveal the jid to every user in the chat room but to
> > some privileged administrators. This is the point where user roles and
> > capabilities are getting important.
> Banning a jid from a server is definitely too much. Banning a jid from a
> channel is enough.
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