[standards-jig] Version 0.6 of JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

David Sutton jabber at dsutton.legend.uk.com
Sun Sep 22 08:58:39 UTC 2002


  Ok, i'm just getting my head around the extended presence system, in
  particular, the roles system. Say i'm an admin, and I change my
  presence. Does the server have to send my extended presence
  information as well as my presence information? If not, then surely I
  should if I change nick? Likewise, I would believe that extended
  presence should be added to presence packets being sent to a user
  entering a room.

  Also, for clarity, should the server filter out bogus extended
  presence information being sent by a client? I would say yes, but its
  not clear. 


David Sutton
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