[standards-jig] Version 0.6 of JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

Pasi Pärnänen pasi at parnanen.net
Sun Sep 22 09:44:01 UTC 2002

David Sutton (in response to Peter Saint-Andre):
> Ok, regarding roles - does admin imply voice, or should two roles 
> elements be given, one for admin and one for voice? Actually, in the 
> examples, you have voice as a seperate element - should it not be a 
> role?

In the talks in the jabber room the method was to compare the collection
of rooms with a folder hierarchy.


Each room (or "place") would have:
owner - admin - participant
access - voice - create

...compared to:
user - group - other
read - write - execute

Example actions:

Temporary remove access to place and send to parent place.

Remove access to place and send to parent place.

Remove access to all conference places and terminate session.

Remove voice.

speak: (a better word must exist)
Remove voice from all participants in the room except one.
(useful for moderated places)

Remove voice from all participants.

Make the participant an admin in this place (and in subsequent places).

Make the admin a participant in this place.
(only available to owner of root place)

Make the participant an admin of the entire conference.
(only available to owner of root place)

Remove all admin rights for user. (all rooms in conference)
(only available to owner of root place)


The create right would give the owners, admins and in some places even
the participants the right to create new places, a bit like folders
within folders.

The browse places could then be used in a manner similar to looking at a
file system tree, maybe even with the number of users in each place

In *nix, everything is a file, and our idea was that in the conference,
everything would be a place. With the idea of having a "tree of rooms"
we could even have quick shortcuts between places within the conference,
if we want to. 

pavcav-a--	stpeter gods 	12 	throneroom

savcav-a--	stpeter gods 		audiences -> ../../throneroom

-avcav-av-	da_king guards 	 3	oubliette

The "tree of places" would be fairly easy to understand for newcomers
too, we think. 

-- Pasi "BlackDog" Parnanen
-- If there is blame then cast it upon me and not upon the innocent. 

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