[standards-jig] Version 0.6 of JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Sep 23 13:46:32 UTC 2002

> Richard Dobson:
> > BlackDog:
> > > We've been experimenting with machine translations and it would be
> > > if there could be a method to retrieve settings regarding the
> > > environment of a room, such as default language.
> > >
> > > Or is that considered a room feature?
> >
> > That is something out of scope of the JEP and I think work is already
> > underway investigating the standard xml language stuff.
> I hope you understand that we are talking about two different things
> here: The language of the user and the language of the room.
> It would be weird to ask the participant what language the room uses...

Urm yes it would be weird but did I say anything about asking a participant
what the language of the room was... no

All I said was that there was work underway looking at using the standard
xml language stuff for defining language in the protocol, I dont see how you
could confuse it in that way.


In a message it would be like this:
<message type="chat" xml:lang="en">
    <body>This is a message</body>

<message type="chat" xml:lang="fr">
    <body>C'est un message</body>

It could also be part of the browse response like:
<iq type="result">
    <item xmlns="jabber:iq:browse" category="conference" type="public"
name="Conference Service" jid="conf.jab.org">
        <item xmlns="jabber:iq:browse" category="conference" type="public"
name="French Room" jid="french at conf.jab.org" xml:lang="fr"/>

It just depends on how we want to do it, but when there is an established
standard such as this we should use it.


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