[standards-jig] Version 0.6 of JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

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Mon Sep 23 17:00:41 UTC 2002


> On Sun, 22 Sep 2002, David Sutton wrote:
>> This jep defines communication between two entities,
 >> not the conference service,
I was a little surprised to read this comment as I thought JEP-0045 *is* 
specifically concerned with "the conference service".

The scope section states "This JEP addresses common requirements related 
to configuration of, participation in, and administration of multi-user 
chat rooms. All of the requirements addressed herein exist at the level 
of the room..."

As I'm new to the Jabber standards process odds are I'm confused, but 
how do these two statements support each other? (Particularly as Peter's 
follow up post stated "This post well states my thoughts on the subject" 
and as he's the JEP author I'm listening. :-) )

This is not a comment either way on the heirarchy issue, but I'd like to 
know if the JEP really isn't about "the conference service". If this is 
the case then I'd like to know where to direct my thoughts specifically 
related to "the configuration of ... rooms".

Am I confused about the purpose of JEP-0045? If so, could the scope 
section be re-worded to make the purpose clearer?

I'm interested in your thoughts,


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