[standards-jig] Version 0.6 of JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

David Sutton jabber at dsutton.legend.uk.com
Mon Sep 23 17:22:48 UTC 2002

Hi Phil,

  Let me clarify my statement some more. JEP-0045 will be used for more
  than just the conference service. I need to use it for the
  IRC-transport, for tight integration between Jabber and IRC. I can see
  the MSN-transport needing some of the jep for when handling multi-way

  Any of the components which require a way to handle communication
  between multiple people can and should use this, so there is a
  standard system of communication between component and client.

  The things i've read about the heirarchy design are more for a
  specific implementation of conference. Its not going to help with
  other implementations like IRC. JEP-0045 is a low level 'building
  block' onto which can be added other blocks to make a different

  So, although this will form the foundation of conferencing, it will
  form a foundation block in other systems too.



On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 05:00:41AM +1200, Follower wrote:
> Hi,
> >On Sun, 22 Sep 2002, David Sutton wrote:
> >>This jep defines communication between two entities,
> >> not the conference service,
> I was a little surprised to read this comment as I thought JEP-0045 *is* 
> specifically concerned with "the conference service".
> The scope section states "This JEP addresses common requirements related 
> to configuration of, participation in, and administration of multi-user 
> chat rooms. All of the requirements addressed herein exist at the level 
> of the room..."
> As I'm new to the Jabber standards process odds are I'm confused, but 
> how do these two statements support each other? (Particularly as Peter's 
> follow up post stated "This post well states my thoughts on the subject" 
> and as he's the JEP author I'm listening. :-) )
> This is not a comment either way on the heirarchy issue, but I'd like to 
> know if the JEP really isn't about "the conference service". If this is 
> the case then I'd like to know where to direct my thoughts specifically 
> related to "the configuration of ... rooms".
> Am I confused about the purpose of JEP-0045? If so, could the scope 
> section be re-worded to make the purpose clearer?
> I'm interested in your thoughts,
> Phil.
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