[standards-jig] JEP0038 (the emoticon spec) Some suggestions

Mattias Campe mattias.campe at rug.ac.be
Tue Sep 24 16:38:25 UTC 2002

The official JEP can be found on 
http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0038.html, but I already changed it a 
little bit on the Wiki site of Theo, which can be found on 
http://www.theoretic.com/?IM_Icons/Styles (so, unofficial actually).

I still have some more suggestions, but I didn't want to Wiki 
http://www.theoretic.com/?IM_Icons/Styles yet, because I wanted to know 
what you guys would think of it.

Important changes, suggestions are:
- I've used <text xml:lang="en" alt="cat"> instead of just
   <text lang="en" alt="cat"> because xml:lang seems to be a standard
   within xml. This xml:lang is constrained of using a two-letter
   ISO 639 language code or a two-letter ISO 639 language followed by a
   three-letter ISO 3166 country code or ... (If people would like this
   idea I'll add a clear explanation on the Wiki site of Theo)

- <object> is a html tag which can be used for multimedia purposes and
   could be used to replace <img>. Because this <object> is more
   straightforwarded, I would like to use it in this JEP as well.

- the other suggestions can be found at the end of

To make things a little bit more clear, I've added an <icondef>-example 
as attachment.

If you would like it, I would try to finish (making a schema, adjusting 
the text) this proposal by the end of next week. Plz let me know what 
you think.

Mattias. aka .cobnet
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