[standards-jig] Version 0.6 of JEP-0045 (Multi-User Chat)

Pasi Pärnänen pasi at parnanen.net
Wed Sep 25 09:27:28 UTC 2002

Hello Peter,
I am terribly sorry that i've wasted your time. We misunderstood the
scope of this JEP, plain and simple.

JEP-0045 concerns matters inside a room. Thus logic dictates that all
signs of hierarchies should be left out of it. The room itself should be
unaware of any kind of parent or child relationship. Those relations
would be easy to retrieve from the conference JID instead.

A future JEP (regarding the protocols of communicating with a new
conference module) would therefore define the matters outside the room. 

We, the guys in jabber at jabber.org, can't help but collect our thoughts
about conferences into that new JEP and we hope that you and other
interested will join us in creating the basis of a extended and
extensible conference specification.

But before we can start our work...

The creation and destruction of rooms are now specified as being in the
scope of JEP-0045, but wouldn't it be more logical to define those
actions in the new conference JEP?

And how do we address a participant if he or she is in a room at the
second level of a hierarchy? Would it be in the form of:

level1.level0 at service.domain.tld/participant ?

-- Pasi Pärnänen (BlackDog)

Peter Saint-Andre:
> A conference service hosts rooms. This JEP addresses the ways in which
> users (participants, owners, and admins) interact with rooms, not with the
> conference service itself. So how users (e.g., service admins) interact
> with the service itself is out of scope. How rooms relate to each other
> (hierarchies) is out of scope. This is all about creating, destroying,
> joining, leaving, administering, and talking in rooms. Anything else is
> best left for another JEP.

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