[standards-jig] Minutes of Council meeting

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Sat Sep 28 11:49:26 UTC 2002

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I've written up some minutes of the Council meeting held this morning:

I noticed the item:

# Seek new author for JEP-0026 (Internationalization)

I have recently been in contact with the original author who confirmed 
he did not currently have the time to persue this, but that he was 
willing to provide feedback on anything that was proposed.

I have an interest in this subject as a result of my experiments with 
machine translation. I am keen to at least have some standard in place 
at the message level initially (using xml:lang) but am also interested 
in some standard for including alternative translations in the message.

I agree with a comment that was made somewhere around here that it's a 
big issue but that we're probably better to attack it with small steps.

Are there any other people who are actively interested in working on 
Internationalisation? If so, I'm keen to discuss this further.

If not, I guess I'll have a go at at least JEP-ing the message level 
issues as a start.

Feedback requested,


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