[standards-jig] NEW JEP: Inband Bytestream (JEP-0047)

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> > It seems me that it would be inefficient to use an encoding system that
> > already increases your CPU load (see the BommaNews site), and then have
> > to modify the output again to encode XML specials characters before you
> > send it over the stream. While it does decrease the network load, it
> does
> > increase the CPU load on both ends.
> >
> > By that reasoning, I guess its a trade-off on which is more important, a
> > lower bandwidth scheme, or a less computational intense scheme.
> I would think that bandwidth use is the most important, and there also has
> to be the option of discovering if inband transport is allowed on the
> server, it has to be something a server admin can turn on and off, as it
> could potensially cost a lot in extra bandwidth.

I want to remind the discussion of the karma settings, which can be a very
annoying issue for transmitting data as "inband" data. 

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