[2] [standards-jig] NEW JEP: Inband Bytestream (JEP-0047)

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Mon Sep 30 11:59:43 UTC 2002


> I want to remind the discussion of the karma settings, which can be a very
> annoying issue for transmitting data as "inband" data.

This is true, and has been considered.  I did some tests today by simply 
sending large blocks of xml between two test clients (c2s2s2c).  I can send 
1024 characters from one client to another in about 2 seconds, consistently.  
Assuming the overhead of base64, this probably amounts to a few hundred 
kilobytes per second on average.  This is not very good, but it is better 
than nothing, which is the whole point.

Of course, a real socket relay server component would be more optimal.  
Unfortunately, it will be a long while before these types of things are 
available widely.  The best part about Inband Bytestream is that it will work 
anywhere right now, even with old servers.


> We should at least keep Base-64. I think an addition to better
> integrate it with something like your Stream Negotiation Protocol (is
> there a JEP for it yet? or did it die a silent death?) is needed for
> JEP-0047 in any case.

JID Stream is what you are looking for, and is JEP-0041.  It proposes a 
standard way of utilizing all of these various transport protocols.


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