[standards-jig] Voice and Video conferencing: need for a generic conferencing protocol ?

Ulrich Staudinger chicago5 at gmx.de
Tue Apr 1 15:57:02 UTC 2003

> Basically, if I wanted to such a protocol, I will duplicate the MUC room
> management protocol simply changing the 'text' type to 'generic' (or
> omitting it), and add more fields in the "room" item in disco to support
> voice, video or other kinds of collaborative tasks (whiteboard,
> co-browsing, ...). We could have for instance
> voice.myroom at conference.jabber.org, text.myroom at conference.jabber.org ... 

I develop a component atm which i release hopefully by the end of this week.
i halted development.

i use a component which get's queried for recieving information and for
transmitting information. the component then returns an url where to publish
/recieve informations to/from.

basically a client queries i.e. <iq type=get ...
to=comp....><query><room>jdev at conference.jabber.org</room></query>etc.

the component then returns the url. 


> So, what do you think: does it make sense or should it be better to define
> a voice/video conferencing protocol from scratch with type 'voice/video' ?

i'd like to omit defining a completely new protocol.


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