[standards-jig] IBB: Making it all "go"

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Apr 9 02:28:45 UTC 2003

I agree that the IBB stuff sounds pretty cool. My only two concerns are 

- with the use of <message> means that parts of the stream will be 
stored offline or delivered to the wrong resource rather than returned 
with an error.
- IMNSHO, standards-track JEPS must not depend on informational JEPS; 
use of jabber:x:event cannot be required.  Ideally JEP-22 use will be 
non-normative, but I wouldn't hold a normative but optional dependancy 
on jabber:x:event against this JEP, since there isn't a standards-track 
alternative yet.

-David Waite

Dave Smith wrote:

> 3.) The JEP should explicitly state that the session ID is 
> specifically bound to a JID. I.e. it's perfectly acceptable to have 
> duplicate sessions IDs from different JIDs, but those sessions MUST be 
> considered to be separate.
> 4.) Clarify the error states in the JEP, so that the behavior of the 
> stream in error conditions is well specified. In my mind, this is the 
> only outstanding point of discussion. The clarification should detail 
> what happens specifically when:
>     4a.) The target goes offline (for any reason)
>      4b.) The target wishes to abort the stream
>     4c.) How the initiator deals with bounced packets
> I think that's it. It seems like we're mostly agreed about what needs 
> to happen. Let's just get it done so there can be some 
> implementations! :)
> Diz
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