[standards-jig] IBB: Making it all "go"

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu Apr 10 06:42:56 UTC 2003

> However, considering that would problably take a while, I *do* think 
> there is a need for IBB in the time inbetween, using what we have now 
> today: <iq/>. If not a standards track JEP then an informational one.

That seems like a dangerous road to walk down; 'interim' solutions have a
tendency to become entrenched by simple fact of people implementing them
and then not changing.  Look at how much non-standard gunk has attached
itself to general-usage HTML like some kind of mutant barnacle, or alien
parasite.  I can point to some really scary tags WebTV came up with, some
stuff Netscape should be shot for (remember 'layer', anyone?), etc.  Some
die, but some linger on, never fully expunged.

We already have stuff where XMPP clients are going to have to support two
methods for things in order to be backwards compatible with older 'Jabber
0.9' stuff.  SASL and iq:auth, error classes and error codes, etc.  Do we
really need yet one /more/ situation where we'll need a 0.9 implementation
and a 1.0 implementation for client authors to deal with?  (Speaking as a
client author, I'm personally hoping the answer is 'no'...)

If fixing the behavior of the message stanzas is the right path to take,
then doesn't it make more sense to make this JEP push it forward rather
than push it aside?  Make it use <message/>; if IBB is widely adopted, the
very problems sparking this whole debate will be impetus for people to
adopt XMPP in order to improve it...in the meantime, clients made to use it
now will still use it properly when we've moved on from Jabber 0.9 to XMPP.

And if IBB is not widely adopted, the problem isn't all that much of a
problem anyway, right? ;)

Hrm.  I've tossed in a lot of pairs of pennies today; this can be my $0.05,
for variety. :)

Rachel Blackman <rcb at ceruleanstudios.com>
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